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JANNX Medical Systems provides consulting services for a wide variety of customer needs.


  • Hospital Surveys for Prospective Acquisitions would provide analysis of clinical equipment and services currently provided.  This helps Clients determine value being received so they can better improve healthcare services and achieve growth.
  • 5 Year Technology Plans give overall strategic direction for technology decisions to meet Client’s overall strategic plans.
  • 5 Year Technology Plans prioritize needs against capital dollars available for additional equipment and/or replacement of equipment to meet organizational strategic plans


  • Technology Assessments analyze technological needs and specify desirable equipment configurations in order to meet those technology needs.  JANNX consults with the client regarding each Original Equipment Manufacturer’s approach/solutions to needs identified. JANNX understands the differences between manufacturers and the clinical, technological, and operational nuances of those differences.  Technology Assessments combine equipment Need Analysis with Equipment Configuration Requirements to help clients understand vendor options and the differences, similarities and implications of what each vendor offers.
  • Equipment Needs Analysis Identifies the clinical and technological needs a client has and provides consulting and recommendations on which equipment/technology alternatives there are to meet those needs relative to equipment and/or services
  • Equipment Configuration Recommendations provide recommendations on what subsystem, software, hardware or other OEM features required to achieve the clinical goals of the user.
  • Department layout reviews help the client determine the best clinical work flow for existing and future operations.
  • Bid Specification Development provides clients administrative and technical specifications to meet the clinical and business criteria of the healthcare organization.
  • Vendor Technology Comparisons outline all the features and make comparisons between vendors in a certain area of technology.
  • Quotation Review & Analysis provide the client detailed analysis of their quotation.  The analysis is usually tied to the pre-developed administrative and technical specifications.
  • Negotiation Assistance provides the client coaching on opportunities to improve the benefits of their transactions financially and/ or through added features, functions or benefits.  Negotiation Assistance may include achieving future upgrades, service contract overtime benefits, training for in-house, documentation commitments, etc.  Assistance may also be provided to the customer to notify them of technological obsolescence.
  • Procurement Projects are a full service cradle to grave approach to acquiring equipment.  The engagement would begin with a complete Technology Assessment, Equipment Needs Analysis, the development of configuration requirements, creation of an administrative and technical bid specification(RFP) , distribution of the RFP to targeted OEM, Review and Analysis of the Quotations, and working with Healthcare Clients to negotiate the best business solution.  It would also provide a purchase agreement to confirm the promises made and many times also include an initial acceptance test.
  • Lease Buyout Analysis determines if it is warranted to continue and or/maintain a lease or determine if the buy out of the lease reflects fair market value. JANNX would help the client determine what the fair market price is.
  • Acceptance Testing ensures that equipment installed includes all features, functions, and claims promised at the point of purchase.  This testing verifies that equipment purchased is operating according to the standards promised.
  • Warranty Management monitoring service performed during the Warranty Period.  This monitoring includes the completion of an Acceptance Test at the beginning of the warranty cycle and completing a performance test prior to the expiration of the warranty so that the OEM/Vendor who sold the equipment can rectify problems at no cost to the client.  Information to make better maintenance decisions because, for example, a low frequency of repair activity may warrant the avoidance or renegotiation of a service contract for specific equipment.
  • Performance Testing provides an independent and objective analysis of equipment performance.  Discovering how the equipment is performing and uncovering deficiencies is a part of performance testing.  Performance testing would also include working with applicable service vendors to correct problems.
  • Failure History Analysis identifies and evaluates the service history of the equipment under analysis.  Following this analysis JANNX is able to provide clients a comparison of their equipment service and  performance to national statistics in JANNX data base. This allows JANNX to identify service and performance issues and assist in their resolution.
  • Problem Equipment Resolution evaluates service history analysis, evaluate equipment and service performance, develop action plan for resolution, assist in monitoring resolution.