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National Logistics & Support Center

The JANNX National Logistics & Support Center provides assistance and incident support to hospitals, healthcare centers and clinical staff across all our product offerings.  JANNX uses pre-defined managed processes to ensure consistent and accurate delivery of service for real-time maintenance tracking.  This process uses a team of project managers, customer service agents and technology to ensure a cost-effective and minimized downtime experience for our clients.

The National Logistics & Support Center delivers proactive support for Preventative Maintenance scheduling, follow-up, and compliance reporting to maximize uptime of medical imaging and biomedical devices.  Our dispatchers can provide this support for small to large organizations, from providing outside support to assisting the asset management for on-site staff.  As a result, your organization saves time, increases billable throughput, reduces costs, and overall saves money.

Basic Call Center Support

  • Dedicated Call Center for Clinical Engineering
  • Confirm STAT/URGENT Page Received
  • Dispatch Documentation

Real Time Management & Alerts

  • Alerts & Monitoring of Critical Path Devices
  • JANNX Call Management Support
  • Detailed Dispatch Documentation
  • Monitor Repair Progress

Logistic Support & Parts

  • Cost Savings Reporting
  • Logistic & Call Management Support
  • Monitor & Manage the Return of Exchange Parts to Ensure Max. Exchange Credit
  • Identify Market Changes of Service Providers

PM Management

  • Coordinate PM
  • Alerts for PM Completion Levels
  • PM Data Entry CMMS
  • Confirm PM Completion

Third Party Admin. Risk Pool

  • Enhance Productivity Management, Engineering & Accounting
  • Proven Financial Reporting, Analysis & Risk Management

CMMS Management

  • Existing Facility or JANNX Supplied CMMS Management
  • Data Entry & Asset Tracking Management
  • Issue Tracking & Reporting
  • Identify Market Changes of Service Providers

Keep Your Organization Operational

When your system is down, the National Logistics & Support Center provides real-time maintenance management to resolve the incident. If the resolution requires OEM or alternate solution replacement parts on-site, you can rely on the National Logistics & Support Center to source the required parts efficiently and cost-effectively.  Our Sourcing and Logistics Specialists will work to ensure efficient delivery, from order through install, as well as tracking return and credit for replacement parts.

JANNX can tailor a service plan that will consolidate services into one support operation, including scheduled and emergency maintenance as well as supporting on-site repair calls and parts logistics.

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