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Glassware/Risk Pool

As a nationwide provider of imaging and biomedical equipment services, JANNX Medical Systems can provide Glassware/Risk Pools for relatively high cost imaging components.  Imaging components typically must be replaced because they cannot be repaired.  Replacement of consumables is often not managed at a global level.  Associated expenses comprise the largest unscheduled operating expense.  These unpredictable expenses are a burden to cash flow and budget management.  Glassware and the associated parts and repair costs comprise the largest unscheduled operational expenses for healthcare facilities nationwide.

JANNX can design a pool program for your facility to reduce this burden.  Our process creates an overall management strategy to address costs and needs that integrates a data based approach.  Outcomes can be predictive and tracked because of a managed process. As a result, you reduce costs annually and can better manage budget fluctuations.

Evidence-based outcomes over a five-year period show significant savings between 25%-35%

Benefits of establishing a Glassware/Risk Pool

  • Inventory management & asset documentation
  • Sourcing of required parts & services
  • Pricing based on JANNX volume purchasing
  • Regulatory compliance & reporting
  • Predictable monthly budgeting
  • Risk level selected by customer

Glassware/Risk Pool Components

  • X-ray tubes
  • Image intensifiers
  • Digital detectors
  • Power injectors
  • Ultrasound probes
  • MRI coils
  • Batteries
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Surgical laser guns