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Why consider a Medical Technology Management Program?

Healthcare facilities clinical equipment inventory is generally made up of:

A.)   Multiple service agreements or extended service contracts from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) at the time of equipment purchase.

This is the most expensive and unmanageable service option and often results in extra service expense for services “outside the contact coverage terms”.

B.)   Time and Material Demand Service

Results are expensive hourly rates, parts and travel charges with significant fluctuation from month-to-month.

JANNX Medical Equipment and Technology Management replaces multiple service contracts with a comprehensive program that consolidates the cost of equipment maintenance into one portfolio providing visible and measurable cost savings and administrative efficiency.

Is Preventive Maintenance Covered in the Program?

Yes, scheduling and coordination of PM frequency follows the OEM recommendation.

What is JANNX Experience in Technology Management?

Over the last thirty years JANNX has evolved into a family of companies with a unique commitment to caring for & servicing medical equipment.  We provide attractive service and product solutions on a broad range of medical equipment technology and create exceptional value for our Clients.

Does the program include Reports and Regulatory Compliance?

Yes, comprehensive reporting package, compliance to state and federal guidelines and regulatory agency inspection support/preparation.

What equipment is covered by this program?

All clinical equipment including: diagnostic imaging, general biomedical and lab.

Can Equipment be added and removed from the program?

Equipment can be added or deleted by addendum. Program cost is adjusted accordingly.

Will JANNX consider service contracts with OEMs?

A complete analysis of required OEM contracts will be conducted. JANNX will recommend OEM contracts where feasible and required.

Are OEM contracts managed within the JANNX program?

Selected OEM contracts may be included and managed in the JANNX program.

What is required to begin an account program analysis?

A complete equipment inventory to include: equipment make, model, serial number, date of purchase and existing service contracts.