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Consulting Services

JANNX provides a wide array of consulting services for hospitals and medical care facilities.  Contact us to find out how we can put our expertise in medical maintenance management to work for you.

Procurement Assistance

to acquire clinical equipment while maximizing the investment

Hospital Surveys

for prospective new facilities

Technology Assessments

for strategic planning and needs analysis

Strategic Technology Planning

identify short & long term equipment needs

Pre-Acquisition Surveys

to evaluate merits of hospital acquisitions

Obsolescence Management

provides technology enhancement/upgrades at significantly reduced costs

Failure History Analysis

to evaluate performance of existing medical equipment

Acceptance & Performance Testing

to verify that new equipment performs to specifications

Infection Control Programs

to reduce hospital acquired infections & associated penalties

Procurement Assistance

  • Bid Specification Development

    Bid Specifications provide clients administrative and technical specifications to meet the clinical and business criteria of the healthcare organization.

  • Quotation Review & Analysis

    Quotation review and analysis provide the client detailed analysis of their quotation. The analysis is usually tied to the pre-developed administrative and technical specifications.

  • Procurement Projects

    Procurement projects employ a full service "cradle to grave" approach to acquiring equipment. The engagement begins with a complete Technology Assessment, Equipment Needs Analysis, the development of configuration requirements, creation of an administrative and technical bid specification (RFP), distribution of the RFP to targeted OEM, and Review/Analysis of the Quotations. We then begin a dialog with the Healthcare Clients to negotiate the best business solution. The process also creates a purchase agreement to confirm the promises made and many include an initial acceptance test. Lease Buyout Analysis will determine if it is necessary to continue to maintain a lease or determine if the buy-out of the lease reflects fair market value. JANNX brings experience and expertise to help the client determine the fair market price of the equipment.

Hospital Surveys for Prospective New Facilities

When an organization acquires a hospital or medical facility, they also acquire a large amount of equipment.  This equipment may have a wide range of cost value.  It may have service conditions which may substantially affect it’s value.  Items on service contracts may require the transfer of ongoing financial obligations.  JANNX can help understand the valuation proposition as well as the usability of equipment in an acquisition.

JANNX inspects all equipment at the hospital or facility to be acquired and provides reports which identify various factors.  This information helps the purchaser with evidence based decisions related to the purchase value of equipment and overall effectiveness.

Typical Survey Evaluation Results

  • Equipment Ownership
  • Lease Status
  • Age & Condition Assessments
  • Clinical Adequacy & Needs Analysis

Technology Assessments

  • Technology Assessments

    Technology Assessments analyze technological needs and specify desirable equipment configurations in order to meet those needs. JANNX consults with the client regarding each Original Equipment Manufacturer’s approach/solutions to identify requirements. We understand the differences between manufacturers and the clinical, technological, and operational nuances of those differences. Technology Assessments combine equipment Need Analysis with Equipment Configuration Requirements to help clients understand vendor options and the differences, similarities and implications of each vendor's offer.

  • Equipment Needs Analysis

    Equipment Needs Analysis Identifies the clinical and technological needs of a client. The consultative process provides support and recommendations on equipment and technology alternatives available to meet the identified equipment nod service needs.

  • Equipment Configuration Recommendations

    Equipment Configuration Recommendations provide recommendations on what subsystem, software, hardware or other OEM features are require to achieve the clinical goals of the user. With that information, the customer can make more evidence based decisions on how to best utilize equipment.

  • Department Layout Review

    Department layout reviews help the client determine the best clinical workflow for existing and future operations.

Strategic Technology Planning

The JANNX Strategic Technology Planning process is comprehensive process which identifies clinical imaging equipment needs for the next 3-5 years.  The plan is a roadmap which identifies priorities, timing and budgetary funds required for the strategic and rational procurement of equipment.

Considerations which must be addressed to construct the strategic plan include hospital/system Issues, existing equipment Status/Performance and people/patient perceptions.

JANNX has provided many Strategic Technology Plans for over 25 years.  Our customers have been highly positive about the process and have benefited greatly from these plans which were developed and implemented.

Pre-Acquisition Surveys

When your facility is contemplating the acquisition of hospitals or facilities, it is important to have a full understanding of the value proposition of the medical equipment. The value and expected maintenance costs of the equipment can vary widely, depending on age, usability, status of maintenance contracts, and other components which can have positive or negative effect on the overall value.  JANNX performs a survey of existing equipment at the hospital or facility to be acquired.  We then provide a complete set of reports to identify the factors so you can make an informed, evidence-based decision on the equipment component of the acquisition.

Typical Items Included in Pre-Acquisition Surveys

  • Equipment Ownership
  • Lease Status
  • Age & Condition Assessments
  • Clinical Adequacy & Needs Analysis

Obsolescence Management

For customers with outdated systems, JANNX will engage in a consultative approach to identify solutions to extend the life or enhance the usability of equipment.  We will propose available solutions to provide technology enhancements or upgrades that fit within the customers requirements.  As a result, the total cost of ownership is lower.

Equipment We Commonly Upgrade

  • CT
  • MRI
  • CR to DR
  • Core Imaging Systems

Failure History Analysis

Failure History Analysis is performed on specific units or class of units to develop corrective action plans & resolve performance issues.

The process JANNX implements identifies and evaluates the service history of the equipment under analysis.  Upon completion, JANNX will provide clients with a comparison of equipment service and  performance to national statistics in the JANNX database. This allows JANNX to help our client identify service and performance issues and assist in their resolution.

Acceptance & Performance Testing

JANNX utilizes a planned and detailed process of acceptance and performance testing to verify that new equipment meets specifications. Upon acceptance, Jannx provides a detailed report with supporting documentation. On failure of performance testing, we help the client work with the manufacturer (currently spelled wrong), OEM, or service provider to resolve issues and facilitate final acceptance.

  • Acceptance Testing

    Acceptance testing ensures that equipment installed includes all features, functions, and claims promised at the point of purchase. This testing verifies that equipment purchased is operating according to the standards promised.

  • Warranty Management

    Warranty management monitoring service is performed during the Warranty Period. This monitoring includes the completion of an Acceptance Test at the beginning of the warranty cycle. A completion of a performance test is done prior to the expiration of the warranty so that the OEM or Vendor who sold the equipment can rectify problems at no cost to the client. Information can then be used to make better maintenance decisions. For example, a low frequency of repair activity may necessitate the avoidance or renegotiation of a service contract for specific equipment.

  • Performance Testing

    Performance Testing provides an independent and objective analysis of equipment performance. Discovering how the equipment is performing and uncovering deficiencies is a part of performance testing. When performance issues are uncovered, we work with applicable service vendors to correct problems.

  • Problem Equipment Resolution

    Problem resolution incorporates an analysis of service history, evaluation of equipment and service performance, develop of an action plan for resolution, and assistance in monitoring resolution.

Infection Control Programs

Through our extensive research, we have developed a comprehensive practice and procedure for both
disinfecting and tracking your movable devices.

  • Cleaning and Disinfecting non-critical patient care devices
  • Tracking devices using Passive RFID
  • Enhanced Infection Protection
  • Management of Rental Equipment