Clinical Equpment Services & Asset Management Programs
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Clinical Equipment Services

Asset Management Program Overview

JANNX Asset Management programs have unique features and advantages.  They help to reduce total technology ownership costs while improving equipment availability, uptime and overall reliability.  This is essential to your quality of care objectives.  Simultaneously, the program fosters, encourages and assists the increased participation of in-house BMETS.  In-house service provides a permanent solution at a reduced cost versus outsourced service.

Program Elements

  • JANNX caps maintenance cost on each medical device to assure desirable budget performance. Typically, the total capped cost of all covered devices is reduced each year to reflect additional maintenance saving resulting from measurements, corrective actions and the growing participation of in-house BMETS.
  • JANNX motivates in-house participation through reimbursement for work performed by in-house BMETS. As their expertise grows from experience and formal training, the in-house reimbursement grows while external vendor costs decline.
  • The Asset Management programs includes all JANNX consulting services. These include Procurement Assistance, Strategic Technology Planning and full use of the 24/7/365 National Logistics & Support Center.  This unique program element reduces maintenance costs by approximately 10% while freeing-up staff from record keeping and other administrative activities.  Last year, the National Logistics & Support Center resolved 17,000 calls for assistance, scheduling & maintenance support.  It provided $8 Million in savings and resulted in significantly less administrative effort by Hospital staff.
  • The program motivates and encourages favorable performance of Hospital staff & BMETS by providing financial reimbursement for service contributions of the BMET staff, and bonus payments when maintenance costs are below targeted levels. If performance is good, everyone benefits.

Program Start-Up

The Asset Management start-up procedure is well documented.  JANNX  will record and verify inventory data. Procedures are shared with staff at on-site meetings.  A documented “Go Live” implementation plan assures a problem-free start-up.