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Cost Savings

JANNX provides proven strategies for new and existing equipment by increasing overall administrative efficiency and utilizing a multi-focused approach to cost reduction.

Consolidation of Services

JANNX combines maintenance management of medical & diagnostic imaging equipment and provides comprehensive consultative services for planning, acquisition and workflow.


JANNX has more than 35 years of experience in client service & satisfaction in all phases of the Medical Equipment Technology Life-Cycle & Medical Equipment Maintenance Management.

Expedite Maintenance. Free Up Clinical Staff for Patient Care. Unburden Service Engineers.

Major Programs & Areas of Expertise


JANNX Medical Systems, Inc. provides consulting for medical equipment, technology and maintenance management services to healthcare providers. Through our comprehensive service program, we replace multiple service contracts and streamline equipment maintenance into a single portfolio. By utilizing a risk-adverse, cost-based, transparent accounting approach, JANNX provides guaranteed savings, as well as profit sharing options.

  • Asset Management Programs

    Cap maintenance costs and guarantee savings for Imaging Equipment and Specialty/General BIOMED devices.

  • Strategic Technology Planning

    Provides a 3-5 year roadmap for the acquisition of imaging and related equipment.

  • Procurement Assistance

    Highly objective process to acquire clinical equipment that match the clinical needs with available technology.

  • Transition to In-house Maintenance

    A permanent, lower cost solution that continually improves.

  • Glassware/Risk Pools

    Addresses the costly burden of highly expensive components that are generally replaced rather than repaired.

  • National Logistics & Support Center ("NL&SC")

    Provides a dramatic reduction of administrative effort performed in each department and duplicated in each facility.

JANNX Focus Areas

Clinical Equipment Services

JANNX can manage healthcare equipment maintenance on site at your location.  Our managed approach extends the cost savings benefit by providing a single source of management for the whole life cycle.

Technology Life Cycle Management for Medical Imaging

JANNX manages the hospital equipment maintenance by engaging cost savings through the entire life cycle of the equipment.

Support Services

The National Logistics & Support Center provides assistance and incident support to hospitals, healthcare centers and clinical staff across all our product offerings.

Consulting Services

Our comprehensive approach provides a wide array of consultative services for hospitals and medical care facilities.  Contact us to find out how we can bring our of knowledge to work for you.

Did You Know ?

JANNX can help you maximize your cost savings in multiple areas:

To acquire clinical equipment while maximizing the investment.

Provides technology enhancement/upgrades to outdated CT, MRI, CR to DR and core imaging systems at significantly reduced costs.

To develop corrective action plans & resolve performance issues.

To evaluate merits of hospital acquisitions.

For strategic planning and needs analysis.

To verify that new equipment performs to specifications.

To reduce hospital acquired infections & associated penalties.

For prospective new facilities.

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